Saturday, August 15, 2009

Secret Lives of Seahorses

Seahorses, Leafy Sea Dragons and Jellyfish...
Seahorses have always held some sort of special place in my heart ever since I was little. They look so fragile and shy, It was just so amazing to see these beautiful creatures close up. They moved so graceful and seemed so gentle. There is a romance to the Seahorse and the way they court. And the Jellyfish never cease to amaze me. I have always found it hard to believe that something that looks so delicate could sting so bad... yet they are so mesmerizing. They seemed to dance in the tanks...

The Secret Lives of Seahorses at Monterey Bay Aquarium was a wonderful experience to see these wonderful creatures up close and personal.


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  2. Teri, thank you. Also today I dreamed with your photos :) GRAZIEEEEEEE :D

  3. thank you for dropping by ... nice blog you have here :)

  4. i love sea horses, too! i can't really describe why, they're just magical...

  5. @beauty comma... I feel honored to have you stop by my blog!! You are one of my inspirations, thank you!

  6. Hi Teri,
    Just found you through your comment on the benevolent postcard society site - what gorgeous photographs - I love Monterey and the mystical leafy sea dragons have always been one of my favorite stops at the aquarium - so graceful - it would be nice to be able to camouflage like that on occasion. I will look forward to coming back often to view your wonderful photography!

  7. Thank you so much Donna! I am new to this blog world and hope to live up to all of the amazing blogs that I have been following! Many new things to come on my site soon!


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