Sunday, August 23, 2009

Like a New Pair of Shoes...

What's This? It's my new camera!!! Hooray!
This is so exciting...

It's almost as exciting as a new pair of shoes!

It's like seeing the world through new eyes...
even if I'm not fond of spiders!

It even made back-to-school shopping fun!
I looked like a bit of a stalker on the city streets!!!

I have a feeling this is the beginning to a fun new journey!
I hope to learn lots of new words... like, blur and bokeh and what the heck is aperture...
I am looking forward to sharing this world with you.
And yes, all photos were actually taken by me and my fantabulous new camera! (well, except for the first one, which would be taken with my "old" camera!)


  1. Teri, photos are wonderful! I wish you perfect pictures in future (I'm opportunist, I wish you this just for me, I want to see beautiful photos!!! :D)
    Amazing, I like that photo with the shoes. It's like a picture from a magazine from Paris.

  2. Molto Grazie... I love to read foreign fashion magazines!

  3. You know, it's one of my favourite hobbies (but work too, I'm translator with French and Czech). I love your photos!!!!!!

  4. teri, lucky you... both the camera and the shoes, actually. the shoe photo is great!
    thanks for commenting on my journal, i appreciate it a lot!!

  5. @beauty comma...thank you so much!! You are always my inspiration so I will take this as a great great compliment!!


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