Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sweet words from Canada on a Rainy Day

My daughter and I are taking a photography class together and the first thing we have learned is to take your camera EVERYWHERE.
So this picture is from our rainy Saturday morning walk.

When we came back from our walk the mail had arrived... and in it was my first Post Card from
the Benevolent Postcard Society! Yay! So of course I have my camera ready for this shot!

It is a card from Canada... and from someone lovely named Casey!
Thank you Casey!
The front says... Hello Friend (just in case you cannot read it from my photos!)
I'm trying!

And as you flip it over it has a sweet quote:
"When I get sad,
I stop being sad and
be awesome instead.
True story."
-Barney Stinson

If you read my blog (which is still trying to find a path, really!) then you might know that this is a very appropriate type of quote. Something I might have chosen!
So Casey, if you are reading this... Thank you!
Oh... and also to Lori who has headed up this amazing project "The Benevolent Postcard Society"... I just wanted to send you a warm THANK YOU! You are totally amazing!
If you are interested in what in the heck this is all about there is a button on the side that you can click on to check it out!!! Please do!

Rainy lazy Saturday. A welcome relief from 95 degree temperatures
this last week!
Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Yellow Brick Throw

I can't wait for Fall! It's right around the corner... although Summer is trying it's hardest to hang in there during the days with high temperatures, the evenings have turned cool. Cool enough to pull out the blankets once again! I love all of my blankets! Some of them are old vintage blankets and some are newly welcomed blankets... the one in this photo is from Anthropologies and it is called "Yellow Brick Throw". I believe one can never have enough blankets... I'm so ready for Fall.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Message in a Bottle

Today I went to the beach and enjoyed the weather and the clouds...
and wondered, what would happen if a message in a bottle just washed ashore from
across the sea...

What would it say, how would you know it was meant for you...
what would you want it to say?
I'd probably want it to have some kind words on it...
even if it was from someone I didn't know
sometimes everyone needs a kind word.

So here is my message in a bottle to you...