Thursday, August 20, 2009

Blog Fog

Colorful Kayaks...

County Fairs...

Ferris Wheels...

Enjoying the clouds and contemplating the day...

And Orange Sodas on a hot summer day...

Summer comes to an end and I sift through my photos and wonder what it is that I truly want to blog about... I think I have blog fog in the brain. I have so many blogs that I visit everyday and enjoy so much. Some are like eye candy, others make me laugh! I realized as I wrote my last entry that there is no feeling to mine. I suppose this is like a garden... you need to tend to it constantly and then eventually it will take it's own form. Though I know that can't happen accidentally. I would love for my blog to be full of beautiful photos... and sweet uplifting sayings, but there is so much more to me. So I don't feel that my blog can truly be good if I am not putting myself into it 100%. I feel kind of lost right now.

Here's what I love.. I love to take pictures. But I'm not that good yet. I hate my camera, so the pictures posted today are with my Holga and Diana because I like those! Tomorrow, I am getting a new camera... and taking photography classes! But I hope to write about things too. A little deeper (just a little) than beautiful flowers or pretty rooms that haven't any people in them. I am not a writer by any means, in fact, I stink at it! I once had one of my daughters teachers tell me that they shared my emails with the other teachers on staff because they enjoyed reading them... because I wrote like I speak! I'm not so sure this was a good thing!

I hope you made it through these two torturous paragraphs, if you did... thank you! I feel so much better to get that out of the way.. phew! Like a breath of fresh air! This whole Blogging World is amazing and I do love it... now, if I can just make myself focus!


  1. Ciao Teri! Why torturous paragraphs! :D No at all. It's true that if you write about yourself the blog is interesting. BUT YOU DO IT! I like very much. You are a talented photographer (Are you sure you don't just scan photos from magazines????). Your sky is so romantic. Ciao, have a nice day.

  2. Thank you so much Italo! No magazines!!! It wouldn't make sense to me to do a blog reflecting myself and posting others work. I understand when others do that, it's just not my style! Ciao!

  3. It's a wonderful work Teri! :)


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