Thursday, August 27, 2009

DIY My Way!

I am a total daydreamer today! I decided to do everything but my blog... While staring at the sky I thought about what my blog page should be about. It was so great (in my head!!!). I went to a lagoon today and watched the geese run around, and stared at blue skies, I had a cappuccino! Then I realized, I better get up or this is never going to happen! Time to share what was going on in my head! So off to the local nursery... the above picture is from the nursery, this place is amazing! It is 100 years old! And at Christmas they put up an amazing display of lights... anyway, I am easily distracted, but I eventually bought what I needed.

This is a picture from a Library Book (which incidentally, is way overdue... so if you are a librarian I am in BIG trouble!). The book is called, The New Terrarium By Tovah Marin. The photos in it are so amazing!!! Let's see what I come up with. I love Greenhouses, vintage ones. Terrariums are like little miniature greenhouses.

Things you need... a greenthumb may help (I don't have one!). I pretend too have one. See this picture, don't I look like some mad botanist!? You need a glass jar, or case or a book called The New Terrarium to give you better instructions!!! Charcoal (from a nursery or aquarium store), potting soil, small plants that can survive in a terrarium, moss, water, decorative things. You can put anything in these things! The smaller scale the better! You don't even have to plant anything with dirt like I am if you don't want. If you found a beautiful jar or container you could set a tiny potted plant inside. That looks really cute and low maintenance.

Okay, first make sure your terrarium is clean. Then layer charcoal on the bottom. Just a small layer.

Potting soil comes next... just set a layer of it across the charcoal like me! Cinchy so far, eh?

Now the tricky part, putting in your choice of plants. You must choose wisely because some cases can be very tiny. I did not... I am a good example of what not to do! I love my moss, but my plant should have been taller. Here, look at my next photo and you shall see why. Oh, don't forget, put some water in before closing your case.

Now this should be fairly low maintenance. Many people are doing terrariums now and there is so much information on the internet and in your local library (ahem, just make sure you don't end up with overdue fines like mine or you may as well just buy the book!)

I forgot to mention, my case is called a Wardian Case. Named after Nathanial Wardian, whom in 1830 discovered that plant life could exist in an enclosed case. I think they are simply beautiful.

Enjoy what little summer we have left...
do something for you!


  1. TERI; THANK YOU. The terrarium is wonderful and you gave me an idea for a gift to my mother (31 august)!!!!!! YOUR PHOtOS ARE WONDERFUL. How many times I have to say It? :D
    Have a nice day.

  2. I love your garden.

    Your blog also fantastic.

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    Have a nice day.

  3. @Italo - What a nice gift for your Mother! I bet you can find great cases in Rome! Also, like a typical female... you can tell me as many times as you like! hahaha..

    @Vision - Thank you and I will visit your blog blog immediately!!

  4. Whoops, @vision - typo just one *blog*!


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