Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Post Card to London

There seems to be a missing Post Card...
I sent a card almost like the one above (this was just one of the layouts
of my postcard designs, the original was mailed off to London)
and the person that I mailed to hasn't said if she has received it or not.

This makes me sad because I worked hard on this and mailed it out right away.
I don't want this person to think I don't care!
So to let you know what this card looked like I decided to post it for you!
I do hope you get it soon!


  1. awww I so hope they get this beautiful postcard! i would have loved to have been sent it.

    don't lose hope! i haven't received mine from sept. and did the same as you, made sure to send it on the 1st. AND i don't know if the person i sent mine to received it either (also in the UK)

    I'm still hoping :)

  2. Thanks Micaela! I guess the strike in the UK may have backed things up a bit? Thankfully we have power of the Internet though!!! I hope you get yours soon too... maybe there is still hope then! :)

  3. WOW TERI IS WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!
    you know these days I was planning to change a cover of one of my books, so I wanted to paint something original. After your postcard I quit :(

  4. Italo I'd LOVE to see one of your paintings!!! You are always so funny! Thank you for your nice comments! Have a great weekend! Ciao!

  5. such a cool looking card .... I hope it arrives!!

    have a good week
    jonas xo

  6. Hi Jonas! Thank you so much, you are sweet!

    Have a wonderful week also! ♥

  7. Hello Teri!!!!!

    I am sooo excited!!! I finally got your postcard and it's wonderful and it really made my day.

    Thank you oh so much!!! I especially like the recipe on the back, I will be making some special bath salts very soon.

    I really hope the UK postal strike doesn't last too long...all those poor little lost postcards out there - floating about just like messages in bottles, fortunately mine found it's way home to me :)

  8. YAY!!! Carrie I am so happy your postcard finally made it's way home! How unfortunate that this strike happened during the first month of our BPS mailing! Darn it... don't they understand how important this is. LOL!


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