Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Yellow Brick Throw

I can't wait for Fall! It's right around the corner... although Summer is trying it's hardest to hang in there during the days with high temperatures, the evenings have turned cool. Cool enough to pull out the blankets once again! I love all of my blankets! Some of them are old vintage blankets and some are newly welcomed blankets... the one in this photo is from Anthropologies and it is called "Yellow Brick Throw". I believe one can never have enough blankets... I'm so ready for Fall.


  1. CIAO TERI, FINALLY I FOUND ANOTHER FALL LOVER. I adore the rain, a little cool weather. yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D CIao, Italo.

  2. Italo, I hope for rain this year too! Maybe you will post many Fall pictures from Sutri! Ciao,Teri

  3. hi teri, i love this photo! hope you'll share more of your blankets. thanks for being such a positive commenter, it's very much appreciated even if i'm not great at revisiting at the moment!
    have a lovely friday and weekend!


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